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About The Project

In recent years, leading financial centres around the world including China and Hong Kong have been actively promoting green economy. Green finance enables not only enterprises to raise funds for investments in green projects, but also allows investors to participate in investment projects embracing environmental excellence, for the sustainable development of both business and the environment. In 2018, the Hong Kong government announced a Green Bond Program with the borrowing ceiling set at HK$100 billion, to promote the development of green bond market in Hong Kong. However, most enterprises in Hong Kong especially non-listed companies do not fully understand green finance and the procedures, standards, requirements and capacity building needs in raising debt financing for green investment projects.

In order to enable local enterprises to learn and grab green investment opportunities and then enhance their sustainable competitiveness, The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA) has successfully sought for Trade and Industrial Organization Support Fund (TSF) from Trade and Industry Department, HKSAR Government to conduct a green finance project entitled “To enhance the sustainable competitiveness of non-listed Hong Kong enterprises by utilizing green financial instruments”. The project shall commence on 1 December 2020 and complete within 16 months. Enterprises from five target sectors, namely logistics industry, food & beverage industry, food manufacturing industry, environmental industry and property management industry, as well as non-listed enterprises in general, shall be benefited from this project. This helps to scale up green and sustainable finance in Hong Kong and echoes with the government policy to develop Hong Kong into a leading hub for green finance in Asia.

Project Deliverables

This project shall address existing barriers and capacity challenges of non-listed companies in Hong Kong to access green finance by

  1. creating an online knowledge sharing platform (E-platform) that provides useful and comprehensive green financial information (e.g. self-assessment tools in readiness for green financing in terms of technical, management and financial aspects, sharing of successful cases and other green finance references, etc.) to ALL enterprises especially SMEs. The platform would also facilitate companies to connect with key stakeholders (e.g. potential issuers and investors) and enable SMEs to seek for one-stop support from experts in different fields e.g. financial, environment and legal sectors for green bond / loan issuance.
  2. developing five industry-specific green finance implementation guidebooks for enterprises from five target industries (logistics, food & beverage, food manufacturing, environmental and property management industries). The tailored-made implementation guidebooks shall include practical, step-by-step and industry-specific guidance to the enterprises, facilitating them to access to green finance.

We shall also conduct two seminars and an investor forum to improve entrepreneurs’ awareness of economic benefits of green investments, green finance knowledge and skills and enable them to network with potential investors.

About Us

Established in 1934, the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA) is a non-profit making industrial organisation. In the past eight decades, CMA has grown significantly and is now one of the most representative industrial associations in Hong Kong. With some 3,000 member companies, CMA is committed to promoting Hong Kong’s industrial and commercial development.

CMA closely monitors developments in the international market and domestic and external conditions that may affect Hong Kong’s trade and industry. CMA’s activities and services are aimed at promoting the well-being of Hong Kong as a whole. It also attaches great importance to fostering international understanding and cooperation.

CMA Testing, a well-known third party assurance body, specializes in testing, inspection and certification services. With a dynamic team of professional experts, our worldwide networks have been spreading out rapidly to 12 global footprints locating in Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America. Our number of professionals is growing up while our service scope and service sectors are expanding. With a promising growth under the mission of reliability, customization and professionalism, we are serving every party within a supply chain of every industry with our total solution regardless of locations.

Being a HOKLAS accredited third-party laboratory and HKIAS accredited inspection body, we have served different industries for decades and has assisted corporations to successfully market their products globally, meeting the testing, and inspection needs of manufacturers, traders and buyers around the world. Our diversified testing services are adopted on wide range of consumer products including toys, electric and electrical products, textiles & garments, materials, chemicals, food & food contact articles, furniture, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, environmental and more. With prompt turnaround time and competitive rates, CMA Testing is approved by most global retail stores and buying offices and definitely your choice of reliable solution partner.