Manufacturers will hold green finance investment?? On?? Helping industry capture carbon-neutral opportunities
Manufacturers will hold green finance investment?? On?? Helping industry capture carbon-neutral opportunities

To help local enterprises seize green investment opportunities and enhance their sustainable competitiveness, the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA) has established a partnership with the Trade and Industry Department (TID). Business Support Fund?? The Green Finance Investor Forum is being held today (24th) at Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.?? Experts from different sectors will discuss how enterprises can achieve carbon neutrality through green loans and green investments, and seize green finance opportunities??

This forum starts with?? Line?? + Offline “form?? Invited by Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Head of Market Development Department Hui Wai-chee, Managing Director of East Steed Fund Management Limited and Founder of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Benchmarking Institute Pang Po-lam, Founding President of SME Sustainability Society and Director of Friends of the Earth Hong Kong?? Member Lian Shunheung served as the keynote speaker, and invited a group of silver?? / Financial institutions, investments?? / Asset Management Company, financial advisor?? Enterprise?? / Organize senior leadership representatives to share how to make good use of green loans to enhance corporate business development, embrace the era of low-carbon economy, and deconstruct the advantages and development potential of green investment, attracting more than 100 business representatives from different industries to participate??

In his welcome speech, Luo Hundred, vice president of the Manufacturers’ Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the CMA Verification Center, said that in response to the global gas crisis, In recent years, the Hong Kong Government has also made great efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by promoting?? Green financial services to promote the development of green industries; ????? However, at present, many smes are still suffering from the lack of access to green financial products and services. Has failed to win the favor of traditional banks and investors with attractive green investment proposals. ????? He hoped that the forum would enable enterprises to understand investment?? And to deepen the understanding of enterprises on green investment, especially the opportunities and challenges in green transition and achieving carbon neutrality, to help them?? In line with the Government’s carbon reduction policy, catch up with the development pace of low-carbon economy??

Mr Lam Chun-hong, Chief Operating Officer of CMA Certification Centre, pointed out at the forum that in the TID?? Business Support Fund?? With the support of the CMA, the CMA is now implementing the…? 16 months?? Enhancing the sustainable competitiveness of Hong Kong’s unlisted companies with Green financial instruments?? Apart from seminars and investor forums, the programme will also be launched by the end of this year. The “green finance information sharing platform?? Provides enterprises with pre-green financing self-assessment tools, success case sharing, green finance reference materials, etc., and encourages enterprises and stakeholders to communicate with each other?????? to grasp green investment opportunities, strengthen their own risk management and build green brand image; The “Green Finance Business Implementation Guide?? Will be launched to provide enterprises with practical step-by-step and industry-relevant guidance to help them embark on the road to green finance and promote sustainable development of enterprises??

Factory association held?? Green Finance Investment?? Forum: Capturing Carbon Neutrality Opportunities?? ,?? How about having multiple experts share your business?? Achieve carbon neutrality through green loans and investments??

Vice president of the Factory Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the CMA Verification Center Luo Hundred expectations?? This forum was held to help enterprises meet the challenges and opportunities of low-carbon transition.

Lin Junkang, Chief Operating Officer of CMA Certification Center, said that the “Green Finance Information Sharing Platform?? And” Green Finance Enterprise Implementation Guide??? Will be launched by the end of the year to provide the industry with green finance information?? Implementation guide and practical tools