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Reports (including ESG report, Sustainability Report and CSR Report from both Listed and Non-Listed Company) have been selected under each target industry.
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Reports - Logistics
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YTO Express (International) Holdings Limited Listed Company

YTO Express (International) Holdings Limited (“YTO”) is an international express and logistic service provider. In order to achieve sustainable development of business operations, YTO is committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of its operations by reducing air and greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation.

YTO is devoted to the conservation of energy, water and paper consumed during its operations by efficient use of resources. YTO minimizes the extent of the use of carbon-dependent energy sources and other natural resources by adopting more energy-efficient processes and new technology.

Kerry Logistics Network Limited Listed Company

Kerry Logistics Network Limited (“Kerry Logistics”) is a service provider of third-party logistics, freight services, warehouse operations and supply chain solutions.

Kerry Logistics makes their operations greener by managing emissions, optimizing the use of resources and protecting the natural environment and ecosystems. Kerry Logistics has participated in the Pilot Green Transport Fund supported by the Environmental Protection Department of the HKSAR Government. The Fund is established to support the testing of green and innovative technologies for the local public transport sector and goods vehicles.

Global Rise Logistics (China) Holdings Limited Listed Company

Global Rise Logistics (China) Holdings Limited (“Global Rise Logistics”) is one of the sophisticated logistics service providers in China.

In order to reduce carbon emission, Global Rise Logistics selects environmentally friendly vehicles according to the State Environmental Protection Administration’s Vehicle Exhaust Pollutants Limit Standard and eliminates vehicle which has reached the vehicle service life or does not meet the requirements.

World-Link Logistics (Asia) Holding Limited Listed Company

World-Link Logistics (Asia) Holding Limited (“World-Link Logistics”) is one of the well-established logistics services providers in Hong Kong. World-Linked Logistics has integrated sustainability into its business strategies.

World-Linked Logistics has formulated an “Emission Policy” to address the main sources of emissions from company vehicles and forklift trucks. Currently, most forklifts in the warehouses are electric-driven, which allows minimization of air pollutant discharge.

Asia-express Logistics Holdings Limited Listed Company

Asia-express Logistics Holdings Limited (“Asia-express Logistics”) is an air cargo ground handling services provider in Hong Kong. The target of Asia-express Logistics is to reduce hazardous greenhouse gas emissions and unnecessary waste disposal in our daily business operations.

Jebsen Group Non-Listed Company

Jebsen Group (“Jebsen”) has evolved a shipping agency into a marketing, distribution and investment organization.

The social responsibility performance of Jebsen focuses on 4 main areas: Business Achievements, Environmental Conservation, Staff Well-being and Philanthropy. Some of the actions include: purchasing carbon credit to offset the carbon emission in order to achieve carbon neutrality.

Airport Authority Hong Kong Non-Listed Company

Airport Authority Hong Kong (“AAHK”) is responsible for the management and operation of Hong Kong International Airport. AAHK has adopted various measures on waste management, such as waste reduction at source, recycling facilitation and alternative disposal options in order to minimize consumption and increase recycling performance.