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<b>RightPick Technology Limited: </b>EduTech

RightPick is a platform utilizing AI capability to give DSE students good recommendations for JUPAS program selection, based on big data and comparison-based algorithm from 1 million+ data points provided by 5000+ universities students and graduates. We will analyze and define attribute of personalities and preferences for different type of students, we will use multimodal approach which utilizes voice, visual and text as medium to develop a AI. Also we will use NLP to crawl keywords of recruiting website to capture latest occupation requirement and trend, plus the data from recruiting firms, we can match with users' attribute. Social media analysis AI is to analyze long-term behavior data of the users to improve the accuracy of attribute collected. Facial expression recognition AI is to increase the accuracy based on the student's feelings predicted from camera-captured facial images while taking the questionnaire. Finally RightPick recommends 20 best fit JUPAS program according to the character and needs of the DSE users.

<b>DataLouder Company Limited</b>: FinTech

DataLouder aims to provide data-driven investment insights for retail investors. With over 14,000 followers on social media, our founder continuously observes how struggling retail investors are when dealing with the information explosion, for example, different KOLs’ opinions, investment courses, and analytics tools. We, therefore, take “Data speaks louder, Make investments smarter” as the business motto and are developing a system to automatically extract, analyze and summarize the mass information into visible ranking charts to enable users to compare the information quickly. Ultimately, we will establish an integrated platform in the Asian market that provides services including updated market news, original analytics tools, investment courses, and rankings of KOLs, investment courses and analytics tools in the market to offer investor education.

<b>Obrien Tech Limited: </b>Renewable Energy

Through Tech Development we are committed to create a future where we can explore the human potential and transcend into the next generations, improving the quality of life for our communities, our nation, and the world. All energy is produced from sustainable sources and sustained by a public that understands and values the social, economic, and environmental benefits. Solution: Wind / Solar green energy for Hong Kong. For Hong Kong Urban Area Wind turbine for Highway/Tunnel Wind Turbine for Remote Area Wind Turbine for Garden and Park Application: Generate Electricity for Lighting System for Tunnel/Highway Genearte Electricity for Remote Area Lighting/IOT device/Communication/other small electronic device Generate Electricity for Park lighting and IOT device

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